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08 Mar 2018

Seller Beware: The Perils of Selling your Car Private Party

Are you in the market for buying a car this year? Are you thinking about selling your existing car on your own? Like a spring... Read more

28 Feb 2018

5 Business Lessons I'm Taking into My Next Car Deal

When it comes to doing my day job, I would like to think I’m the master of my domain. Negotiating agreements, presenting to a customer... Read more

22 Feb 2018

How to Sell Your Lease for Profit at the End of Term

Have you ever considered selling your lease for a profit at the end of your lease term? Read more

16 Feb 2018

What's My Vehicle Worth?: The Truth in Numbers

The internet is flooded with information on what your vehicle is worth. You can go out to Kelly Blue Book, NADA Guides, Edmunds, CarGurus... Read more

15 Feb 2018

Trading in a Car: Need Your Advice

As a new startup, we are on the lookout for the best advice. Would you take a moment to share your point of view so... Read more

03 Feb 2018

Tips for the First Time Car Buyer

If you’re a new car buyer, there are many things to consider when planning to purchase a car. The purchase process can be overwhelming and... Read more